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Our products will change your life

Our patented liner will change your life.
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Greatly reduce or eliminate noisy and annoying air leaks.
Promote healing of suspected deep tissue injury, stage I and 2 pressure sores, with intact skin.
Prevent skin irritations and ugly pressure marks from CPAP mask.
Assist with comfortably holding your mask in place.
Allow for the use of bedtime facial products.
Promote a comfortable, full night of sleep… for you and your partner!
Help absorb facial
moisture and oils.
How It Works
The extra material around the mask will curl forward slightly
Straps can be looser than normal, as RemZzzs helps with a better seal
Pull on the extra fabric around the edges for a custom fit
How It's Made
Made of 100% breathable cotton knit
Made Entirely 

In The USA

Family owned and operated 

Uses a special blend of fibers created just for

Made of hypoallergenic materials

we make jobs for the American economy

30 Day Supply
100% Secure
Buy With Confidence
Literal Lifesaver
"RemZzzs Mask Liners have literally been a lifesaver for my husband and I. ... The first time we tried the liners, we were hooked. We both slept all night. Absolutely no leakage. We both whole heartily recommend the RemZzzs liners for anyone who uses a CPAP." 

Dr. Steven & Mrs. **** Loveland, Colorado 

Should Be Issued With Mask
"I am so pleased with the performance of my RemZzzs mask liners. ... I would recommend RemZzzs to anyone experiencing a problem with their CPAP mask. In fact, it might save time and money if they were issued with the prescribed mask. Warmest regards," 

S. **** (Sarasota, FL) 

Without mask would be successful.
"...Using Rmzzzs I have reduced the leakage to a minimal amount and experienced the best sleep so far. Without them I feel that no mask would be successful. I will need to use them in order to be successfully treated by the Bipap equipment. I have good insurance and would be significantly aided if the Remzzzs could be covered. Insurance does cover other products, such as a nose bridge cushion that just doesn't work for me. Remzzzs do work and I feel that they should be covered as well." 

Jeff ****

Necessary part of his breathing...
"My husband has been using a CPAP mask for 5 years. Until we found out about RemZzzs he experienced skin breakdown, sores, ulcers, interruption to the use of the mask. ... The liners are, therefore, not simply a convenience but a necessary part of his breathing. Thank you for providing an opportunity to voice my gratitude for this little aid!" 

Sandra ****

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